Using TRK-01 presets to make songs

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If I wanted to arrange songs from my favorite TRK-01 presets and sell them online for a half-price discount, would there be an ethical issue? I would state that they are made by NI and arranged by me. It's just my first effort into a music career. My future songs would be completely composed by me.



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    That's something you would have to discuss directly with NI, or with an IP lawyer

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    As you inquire about ethical problems and not legal ones (for legal issues see @colB) I would say this: IIRC there was a statement by one of the early Dubstep heroes who said one of his trademark songs was more or less the first Massive preset he ever checked out.

    Also, I don't really understand what you are inquiring about. If you use a preset, you mean a preset which includes patterns, not just sounds? Also, half the price of what?

    Finally, and this is highly subjective and just based on the very little info I have (which means I know next to nothing about your life, so keep that in mind): your inquiry sounds impatient and as if you shy away from hard work or need money urgently. I repeat, I don't know you. It's just based on that post.

    Based on that I implore you to find any old job which pays weekly or monthly, something brain-dead or even something that is fun and uncomplicated. In you spare time hone your skillsfor a few years and come up with original stuff. Tracks that make people go YES!! MORE!!. Charge twice of what you had in mind.

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    I mean... all NI products and their included content (like presets) are there for you to create (and sell) songs.

    What you're NOT allowed to do is written in 3.7 of the EULA:

    If (still) in doubt, contact NI directly.

  • Sullen Secret
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    I have a job that pays just fine. I just want out of that job. Local options are limited.

    I feel awkward having almost a full song provided to me that just needs to be arranged into something that can be sold. It feels like theft, even though this is apparently what NI wants people to do with it.

    Finally, NI's legal info sounds like mentioning them in my product would be what is legally dangerous.

    After thinking about this, I feel more comfortable inventing my own songs from nothing. It would give me better credibility, too. That just leaves me wondering what TRK-01 would commonly be used for by composers.

  • Murat Kayi
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    Without going too deep into the whatfors and whys, just use the presets as a starting point for tweaking and jamming and they will beam you into original material eventually

  • Sullen Secret
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    I've decided to create my own songs and to just use TRK-01 as a toy to play with. However, I've received a response from NI about this issue. I interpret it to mean that I am not allowed to create something that sounds shockingly similar to what comes straight from the plugin if it's complex, as is the case with TRK-01. The message is listed below:

    Matthias (Native Instruments)

    Jan 10, 2023, 11:57 GMT+1

    Thank you!


    All provided Samples, Instruments and Presets may be used for non-commercial or commercial music production and compositions anytime without any further permission by Native Instruments.


    Some content included in Native Instruments´ products belongs to third parties; in this case the license and copyright terms of the respective third party are legally binding. Information about third party content may be found in the “ThirdPartyContent” ReadMe-File in your documentations folder on your hard drive.


    It is only prohibited to use single, combined or modified sounds from Native Instruments to create sound libraries, loop libraries, sample CDs or similar products, as the license granted is strictly limited to one person only - any trading, lending, renting, re-issuing, re-distribution or re-sale of sounds is not permitted under any circumstances.


    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Best regards,



    Dec 31, 2022, 07:07 GMT+1

    I really enjoy Native Instruments' plugin, TRK-01. It's an excellent sequencer that comes with great presets that are fun to turn into songs. I would like to arrange my favorite presets that come with it into full songs that I could sell on the internet for fifty cents (USA) each. I would name the songs the same as the presets they came from. I would also say that they were made by Native Instruments and arranged by me. Is this allowed or are these presets only for demonstration or live performance? It's a bit confusing because they are almost entire songs that just need to be arranged. Thanks for answering.

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    Essentially, he said the same what I had linked you to (the EULA).

    You are allowed to use the presets commercially to create a song. That's what they exist for. You're just not allowed to use them to create a sample library or similar - i.e. you can't just take an existing preset, render it as an audio file and sell it as-is.

  • Murat Kayi
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    There is, however, one thing to keep in mind. The closer you stay to a preset or bought sample in your song the more you have to be absolutely sure that globally noone was faster in publishing their IP with that same sample or sound.

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