Microtuning Session Horns Pro

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get microtuning to work with NI session horns pro.

The microtuning script doesn't seem to have any effect, having checked with a tuner plugin.

On the other hand, global tuning works fine at resolutions less than one semitone.

This is the first time I've used a script in kontakt, but it looks pretty self-explanatory so I can't guess what I might be missing.

Is it the case that microtuning just doesn't work with some libraries?


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    ...Have also tried making a tuning file via scala and exporting for kontakt (as per this tutorial: https://soundbytesmag.net/technique-microtuning-in-kontakt-5-and-6/)

    again, no luck - just no difference whatever I do with the de-tune values.

    I have kontakt 6.6.1

    I'm reduced to pitch-shifting via the global detune, which actually works OK for my purposes but it still bugs me that I cant do anything about the temperament.

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    Just to note... when I go to the script editor, there's already a slot with "horns" script - I'm adding the microntuning script on a new empty slot.

    I wonder if this is why it doesn't work - maybe I would need to edit the "horns" script? Only problem with that it the script does not have an edit button!

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    Not all scripts will work with existing scripts an instrument might already use. In this case I'm pretty sure due to custom event handling that SHP has, microtuning just won't work.

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    I'm rapidly finding that out!

    This one works... kind of.. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/kontakt-microtuner-by-homegrown-sounds

    I say "kind of" since it does microtune the horns but some notes are wrong... it has an unfamiliar format (to me at least) for re-tuning: Even Temperament is expressed in 12 lines within the .nka file thus:

    12 (number of notes)

    100000 (note 1)



    up to

    110000 (note 11)

    Any variation in tuning involves adding or subtracting from these numbers... However in practice it doesn't work as expected, with some notes ending up the same as others.

    Short of somehow hacking into the SHP code, I'm left with global re-tune which is fairly acceptable for something like horns.

    Thankfully microtuning seems to be an increasingly common feature in sample libraries so hopefully it's just a matter of time before a micro-tunable horn section on a par with SHP comes along.

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