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Scotty Mac
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HI. I just bought a triple play connect and the process directed me to this link. Is there anything on here that’s workable on an IPad with Mac IOS?


  • 6xes
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    edited January 2023

    i suspect the way you would carry out using the triple play connect tieing into lets say the Maschine or Kontakt... is running the triple play connect via a app like AUM

    at which point you could connect via the RTP midi protocol when running for windows10 based NI setup

    essentially what occurs, is the instrument that triple play connect is tied to... communicates through AUM passing midi note messages onto RTP midi which then connects to the maschine midi input device(ipad) and that plays the maschine/kontakt instrument on the Windows 10 PC outputting its audio.

    So there are possibilities to use the NI enviroment,,, the real question one needs to ask themselves is it really practical, when you consider all the setup needed to basically play a sound??

    not the easiest method to setup... but hey the choice is there!

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