Online Dj Course for beginners

hello community,

anyone can recomend some good online course for beginning DJs for DJ traktor Pro 3 ?

thank you



  • ilove1981
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    You have lots of options. Believe it or not, you can start by just reading the User Guide for both TP3 and the controller you're using. Which is a good question: which controller are you using?

    In terms of courses, Digital DJ Tips run great paid courses. There are also a lot of YouTube videos available for free. Surprisingly, I have not watched too many of them as I purchased the now defunct "Traktor Bible" which was a solid and educational read.

    Let us know what sort of music you're thinking of spinning and what controller you're using and perhaps some of us might have some tips as to where you can get some resources.

    Have fun buddy.

  • nisarga
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    Thank you @ilove1981 this is helpful

    I mostly plan to play electronic, house, organic house and bit of trance. Mix with chill out. It's kind of ecstatic dance parties I am going to do. And I use TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1

    any recommendations where to start learning really appreciated

  • Patch
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    The manual really is the best place to start for learning Traktor.

    For learning to DJ, though, you need to find an online tutor that you like, understand, and covers the type(s) of music that you want to play. Sounds like you'd benefit from:

    (3) Club Ready DJ School - YouTube

    That guy is great - but his tutorials are very Pioneer-centric. I don't know what his paid courses/lessons are like, but the free ones on YouTube are really good.

    If you were playing other genres, I'd recommend DJ Carlo Atendido, or DJ Angelo.

    (3) DJ Carlo - YouTube

    (3) DJ ANGELO - YouTube

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