Someone with M+ and iPad willing to test my iOS sequencer app?

Seqsual Member Posts: 41 Helper
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I am looking for someone to test if my app running on iPad connected to Maschine Plus by USB is sending MIDI notes correctly. iOS 15.5 minimum is required. PM me if you are interested, thanks.



    SHYGUY Member Posts: 7 Member

    here pls :)

  • Seqsual
    Seqsual Member Posts: 41 Helper

    Thanks, I have sent you message.

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,976 Expert

    @Seqsual Do you need to beta test it in other ways? (Other hardwares like Akai Force and MPC Live II that work with Bluetooth midi, btw iPads always with Bluetooth midi, internally with other apps, with Studiomux to send to Pc,…)

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