The Rane One Project

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I never thought this would have been predicted in the future...

Been buying parts and working on this for a minute now and finally picked up my unit yesterday.

Just downloaded the Traktor 3.x demo to do a test to finally put my 7" Control Vinyl to use!!!

Just about to to set this up and map the hell out of it.




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    Building a TSI as we speak.

  • djquartz
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    I must say this is a pretty option awesome. I'm slowly mapping all the controls, but it's working in DVS mode.

    Pretty dope!

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    This is the sort of thing that I used to see on the DJTechtools forum.

    Kudos to you!

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    Aside you need remix decks…

    Why not just get Djay Pro on iPad?

    or iPhone…

    Cheaper (and maybe better for some users) approach is just get 2 Denon 3700. These have hybrid mode (aside HID for Vdj) where they output timecode + midi for buttons.

    Or if you need “analog” vinyl compatibility… why not 2 Pt01+Phase dj? Cheaper, battery powered, more compatible…

    Or if you don’t like Djay subscription model why not to get DjPlayer Pro? It’s subscription model too but 20€ for 5 years the last time I check it (and get it). If you need stems, it has support for NI format so you can get them with nuo stems or let’s unmix app… and again it works with iPhone, iPad and mac (beta freeware version).

    Even if you want to get the Rane One as standalone there are some hardware hacks to make it happen and no need for tonearm…

    There are lots of solutions not involving Traktor, not involving Rane (from price standpoint for other users checking your post) and cheaper than a laptop since DjPlayer works and play stem files even on older devices (tried on my old 3rd gen aka the first retina weirdo)

    PS: I left the forum time ago due familiar issues that I’m trying to improve but glad to see you still dealing with these setups Quartz.

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    Hello Mutis,

    I still collect 45's and like playing vinyl and I'm basing my mobile setup on the Rane One platform for portability but the ability to play in three different modes.

    Vinyl, DVS and Controller Mode.

    I switched to Serato DJ long ago for many reasons. However, I just got the unit on boxing and and starting experimenting yesterday to see what is possible.

    At the current time I cannot use dvs mode in Serato DJ, but controller only mode works very well and will integrate with everything else I use in my setup.

    Especially modding real 45s and using it on the Rane One, improves the feeling vastly.

    I've tested real vinyl use there are some caveats for that if you want to use it in a hybrid setup so you can still use your application on the opposing deck for samples, etc.

    The reason I went with Traktor is because I remembered it was has open DVS mode and I had Traktor 7" vinyl for lonnnnnng ago that I never used.

    I also have a few Serato 7" vinyl as well. Also, I purposely wanted to use the tonearms because I still use turntables + mixer. I just decided that going forward I want to leave them in the studio and have the same setup in a smaller format. The Rane One fits that space.

    Yes DJAY PRO runs on a phone but I've already tried it with other control vinyl and the tracking doesn't work well. They don't have 7" option for their native vinyl either.

    Traktor was running no problem within minutes with the Rane One, the only caveat is I have to map it out. It's no big deal because I did it years ago for the NS7FX also.

    So the three applications I will be working with for DVS testing on the Rane One is Serato DJ, Traktor Pro.

    I can't test real vinyl with Traktor Pro yet because it doesn't have Line In support yet but I will file that elsewhere.

    I'm talking to the designer/developer of the Skratch Attach app, which will work in stand alone mode with vinyl.

    There are some caveats with Serato DJ currently that hamper my testing for this as well.

    But this is the project....

  • djquartz
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    Ran into a snag because the FX buttons are not sending any midi messages.

    Looking into this...

  • djquartz
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    Testing in both platforms, the tracking is so much sharper in DVS mode period.

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    Hi @djquartz!

    First of all thanks for insight answer. It makes total sense now I see the background.

    Also thanks for sharing your experience and system comparision. Djay Pro is a marvel but not perfect as DjPlayer but for different reasons. If you can try the second with your setup it will be amazing to know your review.

    The part about scratch attack app / standalone is what I get lost so, if you can, I will appreciate more info on that. I advice the iPhone/iPads as standalone system since these are cheap second hand and it’s a way to avoid chip shortage.

    Thanks once again ❤️

  • djquartz
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    No problem,

    Honestly, I'm still rocking a Mid-2012 i7 Macbook as you see in my signature. I has PLENTY power and handle everything I'm throwing at it.

    Been doing that for years now.

    Another reason I'm using Serato DJ Pro is also because of the video option. I use that as well.

    The Skratch Attach app is made for standalone use with the Rane One.

    There is two companies making Tonearm kits for the Rane One currently.

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    Had to put the TSI on hold for a moment to get some other things done. Those are completed and going to continue once I decide to do the line fader swap or not this weekend.

  • djquartz
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    There are some things that I figured out already that will help me sort this out.

  • Mutis
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    I read wrong “attach” for “attack” xD


    anyone interested on the video about the standalone app for the scratch attach need to erase the space between www and .faceblahblah on the link since NI forum can’t handle fb links.

    I remember that so thanks for clearifying @djquartz. I love these individuals (or almost indie) projects like this or Rasteri sc1000. Keep posting updates and let me wish you best results in your journey.


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    Awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying the concept and progress.


    If you're going with the JDDRT1 kit for your Rane One, order yourself some 90 degree rca cables. The regular cables tend to stick out too far.

    I'm going to order some 90 degree usb cables as well for this same reason.

    However with the usb cables you will need to get a right and left orientated cable for everything to work and be flush.

    RCA Cables,

    Right Angled,

    Left Angled,

  • djquartz
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    I want to achieve the same level of functionality in Traktor.

    Especially since I'm using it to control the motors for Serato DJ

    Here is a practice video I did tonight.

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    Rev. 1 of the Rane One Midi Chart is complete.

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