Midimapping my X1 for Deck C&D

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Hi there. I am using Traktor Kontrol S2 and bought a X1 for Mapping it to the Decks C & D but i can't get it right and i am really struggling 😔. The standard Settings for using C & D are not what i want because i want to use faders and stuff. Here is a picture of the settings i want. The right and left knob should work as fader for the deck. The FX unit should work for Deck A & B and when i toggle Shift i want to assign the effects via the FX button to C or D. The Hotcues should work as hotcues 1-4 but with shift toggle to switch to 5-8. Flux and sync should be used as Loopsize increase and decrease. and the bottom left button as set loop. Play should be play/pause. i know its a little bit special but i think this would work very good for me. maybe someone could help me or in the best case send me a programmed midimapping. 🤩 that would be so awesome. thx



  • Kayya
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    My advice to you is not to mess with computer science. focusing on your art and using the device with mods your brand has thought of and designed for you. These are devices built with great user experiences. If you're working on a very special job, I respect you. this is a separate issue.

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