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Traktor Scratch 2


I have traktor 2 pro and Traktor 3 Pro. But i need Traktor Scratch 2.

Please help tu BUY a activation code.

Or Antivation codee to Upgrade to my Traktor Pro 2 to Traktor Scratch.



  • djsubculture
    djsubculture Member Posts: 28 Sine

    Just curious as to why you need Traktor Scratch. Traktor Pro 3 has DVS built in.

  • Skanner
    Skanner Member Posts: 4 Sine

    I don't like colors of status-markers of tracks in browser. (Analized, played, ...)

    In traktro 2 it's ORANGE on GREY background (for better see)

    In traktor 3 it's White Grey on Black Grey backround :(.

    Only for this i don't like Traktor 3 :(

  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 190 mod
    edited February 15 Answer ✓

    The only way to obtain Scratch Pro 2 is the 2nd hand market. NI does not sell discontinued products.

    Buying or Selling a Native Instruments Product Second-Hand

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