Playlists in Traktor imported from iTunes, good idea?

nisarga Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

hello NI community

i am new here , want to make sure doing right configurations at the begining

what is best way to organize music in Traktor for offline gigs? is ok to make Traktor playlist and import tracks from iTunes there ?

thank you for suggestions


  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 186 Advisor

    Yes. 😀

    or, you can create playlists in iTunes, and navigate directly from the iTunes node in Traktors Browser.

  • nisarga
    nisarga Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    Thank you @Patch my only concern was making thise playlists and they dissapeared , spent hours to sync and add coments and TRKTOR playlists i created were gone :-( had to do it once again. Not sure where is the glitch . I hope its not honna happen again :-( thanks for help

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 186 Advisor

    I’ve always found it easier to create my playlists in iTunes, then, if needed, copy the contents from the iTunes node into a new Playlist in Traktor.

    I usually only do this if I’m going to add any info to the Traktor Only Tags in the tracks in those playlists…

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 160 Advisor

    I think it would be better to download the entire archive without grouping and organize it with playlist / smart playlist in traktor pro. Lists and rankings demand great attention when preparing for performance. sometimes some music can come from different platforms. it's better to be organized within traktor pro so that you are in control to adapt to everything. I am looking forward to your sample listing techniques :) but for professional archive, traktor pro has a lot of shortcomings. we always say that. :)

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