Komplete Audio 6 MK2 - No WDM driver for windows Sounds?

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Just upgraded to the Komplete Audio 6 MK2 from the Komplete Audio 6 MK1

The MK 1 had multi driver support, as in, when the asio is in use with your DAW the windows audio i.e. Playing YouTube would still come through using WDM driver. so no need to check that both DAW and windows audio are at the same Bit rate 44.1k vs 48k (example)

With the MK2 I have found that Using Ableton if set to 44.1k and if the MK2 is set to 48k in windows then you will get no windows sounds?

So is this a down grade from the MK1?



  • MrPC
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    I would love to know that, too. I also "upgraded" from Mk1 and I'm really dissappointed of Mk2. Is there no guy from NI here to answer such simple questions? No answer since december 22 - come on NI!

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