HELP! I want to go digital but I'm clueless!

So far I've managed to stick with my trusty vinyl, however I realise that I finally (KoT version, not Cece P) need to move with the times.

I have bought a heap of digital tracks and so far I've been playing them on Mixxx through the 3.5 headphone jack. Then, and this is the good bit, a mate gave me a pair of old CDJ 800s - these need the Traktor Scratch control discs which I've just bought. I'm aware that as I'm on a Windows laptop I need a soundcard, so the same mate gave me a Traktor Audio 2 (No cables with it).

Here's my question - what cables do I need to connect my laptop, soundcard, mixer and CDJs?

Am i then forced to use Traktor DJ or can I stick with Mixxx (I have all my tunes on Mixxx).

Many thanks in advance. Tony


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,004 Expert

    For mixxx see here:

    Looks like it only supports the old traktor mk1 timecode. Not sure what's on the official trakor dvs cd.

    But you can just download it from somewhere and burn it yourself on a CD. The link above also tells you a bit about the general setup.

    Might I suggest another idea? Forget the CDJs and buy a used controller for 100 - 200 EUR. You will be more flexible and have more control. With just CDJs you will need to control volume and EQ with either keyboard or mouse. Not that fun.

  • Patch
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    You're gonna need a sound card with inputs to use the CDJ's as (timecode) players... The A2 only has 2 outputs.

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