Guitar Rig 6 Pro - ICM components 2022

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Woo - first post in this new GR forum.

Well, wouldnt it be nice to have some new ICM componenets in 2022.

Might almost be worth the full price some of us paid based on that premise, if not promise!

OK we know that things are not easy at the moment, but 'cmon guys throw us a bone here !



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    I'll try to fish some more information but it's on the roadmap for Q1. Don't take my words for granted quite yet though, we'll check if we can get a status update on the next updates.

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    Thanks for the response, Matt.

  • Matt_NI
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    Guess I was wrong, it seems like compatibility is still going to take the most space for now (at least in Q1/Q2).

    We'll get an update on the general status for GR6 Pro as soon as possible.

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    :(. Oh man this was promised sooooo long ago... see my post history on the old forum.

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  • SjD
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    Well, indeed thanks for the update Matt, your info and honest answer is appreciated.

    However, some feedback to your employer Native Instruments.

    It is a bit to charge a considerable sum for GT6 , based on, c'mon buy! - upgrade! - GT6 is 'going to have this, going to have that,' etc .. and then basically just not come up with any of the touted goodies in any reasonable time - after happily pocketing the money.

    We all know these are difficult times, but GR6's competitirs are (in the main) managing to make good.

    I'm only hanging in here because my needs are modest now.

    I could no longer use GR6 live.

    I'm also hanging on in as i still think that there is a natural, present, dymamic feel to GR that it's competitors lack.

    It's feeling like a deteriorating realtionship - but with some good moments - right now!

  • Magic Russ
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    Funny, I was just going to post last night that it's the end of Q2 and no compatibility updates yet. This morning I find a new update for that very thing. Hopefully that means new components are not far off.

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    Anyone have any updates on this?

  • Monochrome
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    ( Tagging @Matt_NI )

  • Nico_NI
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    As far as I see there's no new ICM components for GR6 planned at the moment.

  • SjD
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    Well this has made me a bit annoyed.

    That comment is at odds with the insinuation from NI Matt further up this thread.

    'maybe Q1' revised to more likely 'after Q1/2'.

    OK, not 'hard promises', understood - but still. ..

    There is a way more serious consideration here.

    An elephant in the room..

    GR6 was originally pitched and sold with the promise of a Looper and with additional ICM components to be added.

    Please let us not say that that was not the case - it was.

    Users have provided screenshots to counter previous denials and attempted backtracks over what was promised.

    People paid good money for something which appears to be a fallacy. A broken promise.

    Always 'coming soon'. But never arrives.

    There is a serious word for that kind of 'business model' ..

    NI's attitude to its paid GR6 customers is disgraceful.

    I am seriously thinking of providing illustrations of the ICM and Looper promises back when i bought GR6 - two years ago - and the lack of fulfilled promise, and raising a request to Support refund.

    You cannot treat paying customers like this!

  • Monochrome
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    To be fair, Matt's reply is from January. Plans can always change and right now the plans are more about: porting everything to VST3 and bringing native support for Apple Silicon and the new Ventura OS. Stuff thats likely more important for the time being.

  • Vfold
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    Here’s what was said on the old NI forums on October 22, 2021:

    ”Hey everyone,

    the promise still stands. And we would have wished to deliver earlier on it. So, apologies for the delay and radio silence. There are several reasons for the delay that have cumulated over time. For instance: Earlier this year it had been Covid lockdown regulations slowing down hardware measurements. Currently it is rather technical work needed for compatibility updates (e.g. Apple M1). The next release will be a compatibility release. The one after that will include new ICM components (amps & pedals). And that update will of course be free to all Guitar Rig 6 Pro users.

    thank you for your patience”

    Now M1 support has arrived and there’s no plans for something that was promised as frequent updates since launch?

  • Nico_NI
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    I reached out to the product team and they're currently focusing on doing M1 compatibility updates for other products. I will let you know if there's anything more I can share in the next couple months.

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