need ~3m USB-Cable for Traktor S4 Mk3, my S88 has 3m cable but labeled "ONLY S88" - may I use it?

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Hi there,

on Xmas I´ll get my Traktor S4 Mk3, but heard from the shop that the cable is much short. But due to the situation (I have the PC left side of table and Traktor will be on the right side angled 90°) I´ll need ~3m cable

I don´t know really much about cables, and after seeing in the FAQ that we should use the cables NI deliver with Hardware cause many electonic-shops didn´t use AWG24 which is important for NI-controllers

many online-shops didn´t show up if cable is good AWG24 or bad AWG28, so I looked around in my hobby-studio and YEAH, there´s 1 in nearly 3m and suprise it´s from NI: the S88 Komplete Kontrol Mk1 has such a cable

could I put it into the Traktor S4Mk3 instead of need to buy a new cable with unsure of AWG24/AWG28 ?

I don´t know what would happen if I try to use it...

someone an info or so for this?

thank you in advance and stay healthy

The Sarge!



  • JesterMgee
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    Rest assured that USB is a "standard" and nothing major will happen if you try use a cable that is not suitable, worst that will happen is the device will not function or not be detected, not enough power will be available (cheap long cables) or you will have spotty performance and disconnections. Unless the cable is damaged and wires are crossed, that is about the worse that will happen.

    The reason for the specifics of the cable are because there is usually a lot of data flowing to drive the screens and feedback of the thing along with power needs. Some cheap cables may be unshielded or not have the required cable gauge (the lower the AWG number the thicker the wires) and will be the cause of unreliability.

    If you have it, give it a go. If you need a new one, get one that has shielding and AWG24 will carry power better than AWG28 and just make sure it is a decent looking cable, nothing from the cheap end since the longer the cable the better it needs to be made.

  • The Sarge
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    thank you @JesterMgee for your informativ answer

    before I saw this sign on the cable of the S88 ( a big "!" surrounded by an triangle and the note: only use with S88") my thinking was also: try it out and will see if works or not. It´s the german Angst of harm the S4Mk3 especially it´s a (selfmade) Xmas-gift

    the hint with "shielding" is good, I only looked for AWG24 at amazon and Pc-dealer in the web

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