Komplete Kontrol Instrument Rack doesn't work in Ableton Live 10

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I had to completely reinstall my Windows System, which meant to also reinstall Ableton Live, all my NI Software and my Komplete KontroL S66 Keyboard. I already did this a couple of Times, but this Time I can't get my Komplete Kontrol working again in Ableton Live. The Controller Part works, but the Komplete Kontrol Instrument Rack won't. The Rack shows up in the Instrument List, but when I drag it over to a Midi-Track nothing happens. The Komplete Kontrol GUI doesn't open in Live, and also the Displays on the Keyboard are still showing the "Midi Plug" Images instead of switching to the NKI Browser View. What am I missing this Time?


  • JesterMgee
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    If you check the "Plugins" node in the browser, do you see the Komplete Kontrol VST listed?

    If you use an MK2 keyboard or anything other than the MK1 you do not need the rack anymore, you can just add the plugin to a track.

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    Yes, thank you. You are right. I was used to use the Instrument Rack in Live for Years, and the Manual for the Komplete Kontrol as well as the Ableton Support Pages, still explain it that way on how to integrate the MK2 with Ableton Live, but with a little Google Magic I've read somewhere that I now may simply use the Komplete Kontrol Plugin directly in Ableton Live, and don't need to care about the Instrument Rack anymore.

    Again: Thank you for your quick response.

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    Thanks mdolphin, I would't make without this post. I am a new Native Instruments user and I am not liking It so far. It is soo dificult to set everything up without the Native Official and easy to find instructions. I had to search in others site, posts from users, forums...

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