Z2 mapping master volume and output monitor

I just got my hands on a Z2. I've read in the manual that the output Master and Booth is for adjusting the outs on the back panel. I also noticed that when turning these knobs, Traktor picks up a midi signal. So I tried mapping these knobs for master volume and booth for the internal mixing but the learn function does not pick them up and I don't think I can manually select them.

Is it possible to use these knobs to control the master volume (output master) and output monitor? If not, are there any other recommendations for mapping something to master volume? I tried something like shift-Deck D volume but the shift button doesn't seem to work for that (different from the shift button on the X1 for example).



  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,317 mod


    i guess you can't map them, in the controller editor those knobs are not mappable. But i don't know for 100 percent.

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