M+ output mutes

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Hi, this is info about a certain bug, that appeared several times. Would be happy if developers knew about it.

  • I chopped a sample 44/32 over 3 banks, keep it on a single pad in pad mode
  • I am around 80-90% cpu in the project
  • I play the chops in keyboard mode
  • if I strike the pads faster, the whole M+ audio output turns silent... the sound levels in mixer, colors and everything else keep on flowing right, but it just doesn't play.
  • sure I have no mute or solo active, it should play
  • I got to restart m+ (it takes around 4 minutes:D) and than its ok.
  • if I strike the chops faster again, I can get the silence bug immediately, so its not rare

I can't imagine I would use M+ live :D

do you need a video to believe me?

Best, Lukas

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