Can you record your arrangement by playing scenes?

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Hello all, after about a year of struggling with incorporating a maschine mikro into logic, failing, and failing to understand the workflow, I picked up a maschine plus as a standalone sample. By god, I understood the work flow and enjoy it after only two days of having it. But, I have a question. Is it possible to record your arrangement by performing with scenes? I find myself performing the song by swiping from scene to scene and it would be wonderful if you could live record your scene switching performance and that would become your arrangement. Doing this is helpful because you may want some hi hats or snare come in slightly before the next scene or bar. This is easy to do when performing with scenes. It would just be a wonderful if you could perform with scenes and that would be how your song needed up appending in the arranger/final song if that makes sense. Is this possible or could this be a future feature? Thanks!



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    It’s not possible but is a long standing feature request.

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