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Hello there .. i'd like to discuss a thing .. My Tempo fader of the deck A , Jumping slowly up and own on it's own .. first question , is it possible to fix ?? I Mean to replace the fader with a new one ? Cause i heard that the Faders are not replaceable .. only the volume ones can be replaced .. Second question , can i disable the Deck's A Tempo Fader from the Mappers ?? To Fully Freeze the A Fader .. until i find a fix ..

Thanks in advance



  • Mark_NI
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    Hi @Orestis,

    for starters, this is a known phenomenon which appears when fader shafts have collected too much dust over the years. A simple first approach is to clean the fader shaft with a dedicated fader cleaner like "Deoxit Fader F5".

    Should that not work, you should contact our Hardware Support in order to receive info about repair options and conditions.

    For the time being, you can assign a different function to the fader that has no impact. It's not rocket science:

    How to Add TRAKTOR Functions to a Native Instruments Controller (Override Factory Map).

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    I'd like to add to #2 that you will need to assign fader type of command and not button type of command.

    I recommend the following one.

    Add In --> Global --> MIDI Controls --> Knobs --> MIDI Knob 1

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