Maschine 2.0 Library on external Harddrive

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Hey people,

I am new to the NI World, but I could find some good Information. But not the answer to my topic

I now have my second Maschine MK 2. The first controller is in usage on the first PC. Now I want to use the second controller on the second PC.

The Library Installation was done on a ext. SSD. Now, when I plug this ext. Drive in the second computer, I am not able to use this installed library.

I haven't even the folder Icon in the Library settings of Maschine.

Do I have to install the library twice, in this case a proper installation, for the second PC?

May someone could help me out? 😀 Thank you and kind regards


  • Ed M
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    Did you configure Native Access on both computers to look for content in that external drive? As far as I understand your issue that should solve it.

  • Pazuam
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I've done and tried. But nothing. On the second computer only the second installation works.

    When trying to configure in Maschine Library settings, nothing shows up when having the first library plugged in.

    Plugin the second library installation (for testing) everything works. But when I try to change it directory it tells that an entry already exists with this path...

    So the only thing that works now is 2 installations of the library...

    Tanks again and kind regards

  • Mark Oxley
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    posted in error and deleted, sorry.

  • Pazuam
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    Now I tried:

    On my second computer plugged in the external drive, and reinstalled the Maschine Library on this drive. I selected the existing library folder as destination. But it installed in another folder instead of choosing the existing library as it's library source...

    So do I really need two library installations for 2 different computers?

    Thanks again and kind regards

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