ONE SHOT SAMPLE KONTAKT toggle mode possible ?

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How can I launch a one shot sample with one key and stop the same sample with the same key ?

(I can do this in in free tx16w sampler software but would like to use Kontakt in the future)

In tx16w it is set by setting group start mode to 'toggle'



  • Gee_Flat
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    Sorry, wrong link, although that should be helpful also.

    OneShot in the wave editor has 5 options. (Until Release) etc.

    That manual sure works good when you try to read it.

  • Vercom
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    Hello, I did read the manual.

    I can’t figure out how to stop the oneshot sample from playing after pressing the same key.

    for example I have an intro sample which I want to stop when the rest of the band fills in. The length of the intro is not always the same, so I need to stop the sample .

  • Gee_Flat
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    I meant to say 'Loop Mode in the wave editor' in previous post, but that isn't your solution.

    Maybe there is a way within Kontakt that I'm not aware of, but my only thought is an 'IF/ELSE STATEMENT' that would instruct the note on and note off behaviour.

    And now I need to shut up and let someone more qualified reply 😚

  • stephen24
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    If it's the only group in the instrument, you can set the voice limit to 1, then map a sample of silence to another key. If it must be the same key, a simple script could change alternate notes to your silent sample.

    Or if you're not using velocity to control volume or whatever, (or even if you are), you could map your sound sample and the silence sample to the same note, but at different velocities, so e.g. you play the key softly for the sound, and bang it harder for the silence.

    Alternatively there is a factory script called midi-latch you could study (I am not familiar with it)

  • EvilDragon
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    If I understand what you said, you want to use the MIDI Latch factory script.

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