Exporting midi and importing all on one pad problem

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Good day!

So here's my goal. I created a drum pattern in maschine group A consisting of 3 pads. Pad 1 Kick, Pad 2 Snare, Pad 3 Hi Hat. I would like to import that drum pattern into Superior Drummers 3 midi sequencer.

When i do import it in Superior Drummer it open the file but all the midi notes are on the same grid line. Like there are not spread like 3 different sounds were recorded.

How is it possible to export or import my midi from Maschine in Superior Drummer 3 so that each midi event is properly spread on the superior drummer grid?



  • Aaron McPherson
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    Here's how I solved it:

    Go to the Group Input settings and change MIDI ROUTINGS to "Drumkit." See the picture:

    Now, when you export, each sound will be on its own MIDI note. Depending on the virtual instrument you are using to play the MIDI, the notes may have to be transposed down an octave. For some reason, Maschine defaults to C2 for the first sound, which is obviously not the GM MIDI spec.

    Let me know if that works for you.

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