How to record from traktor s4 mk3 to the external recorder

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Hi! I'm facing problem with setting routing to the external recorder(reloop tape 2.0 in my case). So the idea is to plug the rca from tape 2 to the one of the traktor's channels(e.g. deck C or D) and record it from there, yet if I'm setting the "Mix Recorder" to external mode and choosing some of those decks, the signal doesn't come to the channel/deck. Also I have switched to the Line my s4 mk3 channel(EXT button) and the switcher on the the tape 2 is also on Line. Please advise🙏🏼


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    What device are you using as your normal audio device in traktor? The s4 or another interface?

    Deck C and D are input channels. That makes it kinda confusing what you are trying to do.

    Can't you record internally with traktor?

  • lord-carlos
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    You could use booth out for recording.


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