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808s clicking on glide

Tiggerdyret Member Posts: 5 Member

Hi, I pulled up an bass in the sampler and I'm having trouble with it clicking when it glides up to a higher note. I've tried to mess with the attack to no avail. Any tips on how to fix this?


  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,210 mod
    edited December 2022

    Hummm... When is it clicking? During the Slide? Are you sure it's not at the end? If you're in ADSR Mode make sure you have a bit of Release or it will click at the end when it stops abruptly.

  • Tiggerdyret
    Tiggerdyret Member Posts: 5 Member

    Hmm, that could be it. Will check tomorrow when I get the time.

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