KK S61 doesn't work in Maschine

tony from philly
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hi guys the question is , i have a first generation s 61 keyboard and the komplete kontrol software works fine in my studio one daw but doesn't in the maschine software , to put it simple i can get the chord arp function to work and show up in studio one but it doesn't show up in maschine , i can only browse and add instruments

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @tony from philly I'm not sure what you mean. When using the arp functions with a Komplete Kontrol keyboard within Maschine, nothing will show in the Maschine software. Do you mean that when you enable the arp, it does nothing? Are you able to play notes from the keyboard ? Does that give you sound for this instrument in Maschine? If not can you post screenshots of your MIDI preferences in Komplete Kontrol in standalone and in Maschine?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod
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    You didn't get back to us. We’re closing this thread now. If you still need assistance on that topic, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_KKontrol

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