SCRIPT for excluding group hi-hat open, hi-hat close

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Hi I'd like to write a script that keeps into account how the drummer is playing the hi-hat.

I know that can be done using the voice groups and "excl" features in kontakt but I've too many groups and I tried but does not work properly.

Let's talk about the hi-hat, I've "open", "mid open", "close", "pedal" sounds and each of these have 20 variations, so 80 groups in total.

Than I've also the relative rooms, so other 80 groups.

I used random robin that keeps all played with relative groups. All is working

I'd like to create a script in the way that if play an "open" and then a "close" or a "mid open", or "pedal", the "open" should stop the sound, and this have to happen with all the articulations so also each other.

THE PROBLEM using the voice is that even if I play the same key, for example a repetition of "open" all the room of "open" will stop and re-start and will sound so weird...

So I'd like a script that takes into account this and will stop the sound only if the key will change.

Could you help me?


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    I've tried this script for a crash and the choke modulation of the same crash. so when the choke is played, if there is still the sound of the open crash, it should be stopped to make sound only the choke.

    But still does not work.

    on note
        if     ($EVENT_NOTE = 52) {Is playing a crash}
              $crash:= 1 
         message("Note Nr: " & $EVENT_NOTE & " - Velocity: " & $EVENT_VELOCITY)
        else if ($EVENT_NOTE = 56) {Is playing a choke with the same crash}
                if ($crash=1){if the crash has been played or is running}
                    fade_out(52,1,1) {immediately stop the crash}
                 message("Note Nr: " &$EVENT_NOTE )
                 end if
        end if
      end if
    end on
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