Filter midi input in the same instance of Kontakt?

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I have 2 instruments in 1 instance of Kontakt. Can I set the MIDI input of each instrument in the instance to only accept a certain range of MIDI channels?

Why, you ask? I'm trying to setup Orb Composer with the given DAW template, but it's not working so well. When I open the template, it's just a DAW full of empty samplers named to match the instruments, MIDI ports and channels. I'm using FL Studio, so I have to convert all of the samplers to MIDI out plugins and set up the appropriate MIDI ports and channels.

I'm using the orchestral template and won't have enough ports to map them all.


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    Unfamiliar with FL so can't pretend to fully understand your problem. But since nobody else has answered...

    You can of course assign a particular (single) channel to an instrument in Kontakt.

    If you want a range of channels, it might be simplest just to have multiple copies of the instrument in your rack, each with a different channel assigned. Would look bulky, but need negligible extra resources or loading time.

    Or a simple multiscript would do it for you.

    Doesn't FL have any channel filtering facilities? It would be a piece of cake in Bidule.

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