How many presets for each instrument in Komplete 14? A chart maybe?

Jeffy G
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Komplete 14 Standard has 15 synth, 36 Sampled Instruments and 9 drum instruments, each with a bunch of presets. How many presets is that in total? Is there a chart?

I could open each instrument and browse the preset library, but almost none show ma total. I know where my User Presets are stored. Is there a place where the factory presets are stored? I'd rather not go to the trouble is NI already has a chart or something.

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  • Paule
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    Is this enough info?

  • Kubrak
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    Also page of each plugin/library shows how many presets/instruments it has, I guess.

    And, if you select single plugin/library right display of Maschine MK3/Studio/ and S61/88 MK2 shows total amount of presets/instruments available, as far as I remember.

  • Jeffy G
    Jeffy G Member Posts: 17 Member

    i do have Maschine 2 software as well, but my full library is in Komplete Kontrol. When I select any instrument, I was looking for a total number of the presets, thinking it might be small text at the bottom of the browser, but nope. Another option I found is that in /NI Content/ there is often a /Presets/ folder and ‘CMD’ +’I’ on a Mac reveals the number of files, which is the number of presets for that instrument. Although with 60+ instruments and 36 expansion, it would a lot of effort to get the preset numbers by each instrument. I was hoping NI has already done this, and has an existing chart.

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