[Free gifts] Download HYPHA for free and tell us what you have in store for 2023

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Freebie alert! Our holiday gifts are now up for grabs, but only until January 16, 2023.

Get them here.


This year, it's all about new beginnings. Inspired by nature, HYPHA is an instrument for hybrid sounds perfect for deep organic atmospherics. 🍃

Don't forget to grab a free 25USD gift voucher to use in our web shop.

While you're at that, comment down below what you've achieved this year and where you see your music going in 2023. 👇



  • Facedogg
    Facedogg Member Posts: 11 Member

    The $25 e-voucher code doesn't seem to work

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome Member Posts: 1,181 Expert

    Yay, the annual freebies are back 🎉

    I soo want this interface - minus the knobs, icons and texts - as a desktop wallpaper. It looks hella pretty 🙂

    Too bad it's Kontakt 7 exclusive, thought... (I know, the Player version exists, but still 😩 K6 is still loved!)

  • stekra
    stekra Member Posts: 3 Member
    edited December 2022

    The 25 € Voucher is not working...also the Native servers seem to have some traffic trouble...for such a "big" player in this business, both observations are ....

    But thanks anyway for the free gift...and fix this mess with the voucher...

  • Victo
    Victo Member Posts: 1 Member

    I confirm the voucher doesn't work, also the Hypha gift is not added into my account...


    RJPSAX Member Posts: 2 Member

    I also cannot get the voucher to work.

  • Mavros
    Mavros Member Posts: 33 Member

    Isn't the voucher simply the checkout code shown when you press the redeem button the first time? For some reason there is a second redeem button just below the code but I did not press that one.

    On the other hand the free gift does not work. When you login and press the link Hypha is not added to my account.

  • ZDPhoenix
    ZDPhoenix Member Posts: 11 Member

    Please examine the plethora of Native Access 2 down posts; so that we can access this, please. The inconsistent on again/off again access to the NA2 app, since the scheduled downtime has been terrible.

  • Raikro Scorp
    Raikro Scorp Member Posts: 26 Helper

    Good people here, please, let's give them some air. Sometimes, cool things take some time to happen. We have other 39 days to download & enjoy our gifts. Isn't Christmas yet even, isn't it? Be patient, my friends.. ☺️

    P.S.: I can't wait more than +24 hours from now.. 🤭

  • Mavros
    Mavros Member Posts: 33 Member

    Right you are! Now Hypha is there to download in Native Access- Lots of science fiction moods. Dark side of the Moon😊

  • Danny O. Black
    Danny O. Black Member Posts: 3 Member
    edited December 2022

    Hypha download button didn't work at first but was able to navigate to a working page button/ It doesn't show up in native Access yet. but I did see the disclaimer about loading into access. My Session guitarist picked nylon still will not load if I have picked acoustic loaded and if I unload picked acoustic then nylon will load but not both? Thank you.

  • IQMusic
    IQMusic Member Posts: 93 Helper
    edited December 2022
  • jacqui brookes
    jacqui brookes Member Posts: 40 Member
    edited December 2022

    Thank you for this, a great piece of kit!

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