WHY CAN'T I FIND Kontakt VST2 in Studio One Mac Ventura M1?!

run_run_walk Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I have read all the previous posts on this issue (it's so stupid kontakt doesn't allow you to install the plugins you need) ... I have reinstalled 10 times and studio one never finds the VST2 of Kontakt. Is there anyway to achieve this? The entire reason I bought this software was to use with UVI drum replacement and they only see VST2 plugins, not VST3.

So okay I get it, studio one defaults to VST3 and ignores VST2 for some dumb reason, so I deleted the VST3 versions of kontakt but it will won't show the VST2 version.

Why is this soooo hard to achieve ugh.

any help would be very much appreciated



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