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If this is a user error, Mea culpa.But I don’t think so. I noticed weird behaviour compared to pre 1.4.4 in standalone. Please try to reproduce. I have noticed copy/paste problems with other functions, but that’s for a later time...

From the manual: To copy and paste selected events:

1. To copy the selected events, press SHIFT + Pad 11 (COPY).

2. If you want to cut the selected events before pasting them, press SHIFT + Pad 9 (CLEAR) to

delete the original events.

3. To paste them, press SHIFT + Pad 12 (PASTE)

this is page 155 from the last manual available. Too much that would take place here, so you can look it up. Most important in what follows is: if no event is selected all displayed events will be affected. if no event is selected all displayed events will be affected. no event is selected all displayed events will be affected. can copy events from one pattern to another, select pattern you want to copy, select the pattern you wan to copy to, then paste.

Now to try to reproduce, and use the same pads to be sure, but it’s the same with others too, just for ease of troubleshooting. You can always try it with other pads afterwards.

Make a group, make a simple pattern of 2 pads like kick and hihat. Mine are kick on 1 and hat on 4. Push stop, click pattern and make a second one, click pattern 1 again, and click events. Remember from the manual”if no event is selected all displayed events will be affected.” So don’t select any events. Push copy (shift+11) in pattern 1, the last used pad, in my case is pad nr 4, the hihat. Now go to the second pattern, and press paste (shift + 11). You will see that the pasted events will start on pad 4, and trigger different sounds than intended. Now delete pattern 2. Click pattern 1 again. Push events. Push pad mode. Click or select the first pad. Make 2nd pattern. Go to pattern 1 events, nothing selected, push copy, paste and the pattern will be correct.

Either I’m having dementia, but it always was paste and the events were copied, no matter what pad was selected. No mention of that in the manual, as it said above:”if no event is selected, all displayed events will be affected, just press copy and in the next pattern paste” it was not dependent on what pad was last selected in the 1st pattern.

now next try this, after making the 1st pattern, select or push the 1st pad. (Kick) press events, and push select followed by all. Check to be sure all events are selected. Go to pattern 3, press paste and...only the events from the 1st pad will be pasted.

so conclusion , events are broken, I have used it 1000 times and if nothing was selected I could just copy and paste to another pattern, same as if I selected all. Now the 1st way will misplace the events if another pad was selected last in pattern 1, the second way that should copy “all” only pastes the last selected/ illuminated pad. Also I have noticed that sometimes when pasting, when select is on, the length will change if the cursor isn’t at the start. This is all with patterns for sure, not clips.

pls tell me it’s a bug and I’m not going crazy...

thank you all.


  • darkwaves
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    I've always had it shift if I was trying to copy in pad mode. It has annoyed me so much that I've defaulted to copying pad by pad in keyboard mode for as long as I can remember. I can't say if M+ always had this logic because I stopped trying to do that a long time ago (i.e. back on maschine studio while using a computer).

    I can confirm M+ will shift a pattern the way you describe. It does what I expect based on years of using the software on my computer.

  • JayTee303
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    Thx for your input. I always (thought I) could do a copy paste if everything or nothing was selected, no matter what pad was illuminated. If you read the page in the manual it describes it also like that. Select nothing (for workflow , a step less, it’s the same as select everything) and everything gets copied in the right place. Weird, seriously doubting myself now. But in previous versions I could fly with the events, now I have to watch so much settings. Gonna read up and watch some yt, pretty sure I saw a vid yesterday that did it the way I describe, gonna try to find it back.

  • D-One
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    It's not dementia, you're just failing to see the pattern (no pun intended) of the Paste behavior, which is understandable as Copy-Pasting in Maschine is very awkward.

    Paste is relative to the currently active Pad, so... In your example, the MIDI events will always be Pasted to Pad-4 because that is the active Pad in focus (you used it last the record the hi-hats). So, to Paste correctly simply select Pad1 before you Paste! This effectively means you can only paste a full Pattern if Pad1 is selected, if any other Pad is selected it will be all offset. lol!

    I think this behavior is inherited from individual MIDI Pasting (when there's note selection), where it makes a lot more sense to be able to Paste the MIDI contents of one Pad to another, for a full Pattern it doesn't make any sense to me that Paste is offset by the active Pad, especially when that Pad (4) was already active during "Copy"... IDK who would want to have their MIDI randomly trigger other stuff... I wish NI would listen to this type small quality of life quirks that could be fixed. There's like 3 or 4 other odd weirdo quirks with copy-pasting.

    Anyway... If you want to copy a whole Pattern to a new one then you might as well just use the Duplicate button, it will do the same thing but without the hassle.

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