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Hi Everybody,

What is the best configuration for a PC (Windows and Mac) if I use Komplete Kontrol and many sound banks proposed for 20 tracks for example (RAM, Processor, Hard disk) ?

Thanks a lot.



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    m1 mac mini 16gb ram(ideal) or 8gb ram(workable but not ideal) + (cheap)AIO-PC windows10 with a minimum of a 3770s 8gb ram + Audio4c audio interface

    this will give you the CPU power needed via the mac mini... Legacy hardware via AIO-PC... ability to couple&share midi devices and audio across both computers via Audio4c which interfaces to both PC&Mac simultaneously(max 2stereo channels or 4mono)

    note: extra Midi host USB port & midi in&out on Audio4c (which can give you more than enough midi options if adding a midi 5din hub) also with a added Satechi USB-c stand & x2 mbeat 7port powered hubs... you can have an extra 14 usb-a ports on the mac mini a extra m2 ssd on the bottom of the Satechi, 2 free usb-c's and a 1 spare back USB-a port for your Audio4c

    im still in the process of setting this up... to find any major limitations

    edit: preamps on audio4c aint the greatest &latency on the unit is average... but decent, its just a case of needing to turn volumes up a little more than one might be use to...

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