Maschine Mikro MK3 and Loading Plugins within Logic

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I just purchased Maschine Mikro MK3. Installation went well and it seemed to recognize most of my virtual instruments at least those that are NKS compatible which is to be expected.

In standalone mode, the VI plug-ins load without issue. I also use a Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 and the parameters show up in the KK's display, which is vey convenient.

In Logic Pro (latest version, 10.7.5) the Maschine AU Plugin is recognized and loads without issue. Within the Logic environment, however, I am unable to load plug-ins from my VIs with the exception of the core sounds and apps that came with Maschine.I went back into the standalone app and noticed that the 'Use AU Plug-ins' option was unselected so I selected it. I also looked to see that the appropriate pathways to my sample libraries, on an external SSD, was set and it was. All of the Application support pathways were also in place.As of now, they still don't load.

Also, within Logic, the parameters for Maschine are visible on my KK display just once until a select another track that is occupied by the Komplete Kontrol pug-in or another MIDI input and then it's no longer available. This particular issue isn't really a problem for me but speaks to a larger issue as to why my installation is working as it should in standalone mode yet not within my Logic DAW as a plug-in.

I can't seem to find info or solutions for this specific issue - I do see others having problems with the Maschine AU loading but that works perfectly well for me.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions and shared experiences.


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    Define "don't load", are you getting an error message when trying to load or nothing shows up as available plugins inside Maschine-Plugin when hosted in Logic? Have you rescanned? Are you on Native mode or Rosseta?

    KK is designed to auto-detect if you selected a track where the KK-Plug is loaded, but does not do that for Maschine so you have to use the Instance button or click the keyboard icon next to the CPU meter in MAS-Plug.

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    Thank you for your response, D-One

    I'm getting an error message when trying to load. The available plugins do show up in the list but if I click on one, I get the error message. This happens with every plug-in that is not among those that came as part of the Machine purchase, including other NI products. I did rescan, more than once. Again, all works well in standalone so the pathways are in the right place.

    Logic is running under Rosetta to continue to accommodate those plug-ins that were still not loading in Komplete Kontrol due to their inability to migrate, mostly Arturia products.

    Thanks again.

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    Wow! I’m having the exact same issue. For example; I can load Empire Breaks in Maschine 2 in standalone mode, but with the Maschine 2 plugin running in Logic, I get the error “Cannot Load Plugin”. I’m running Logic with Rosetta, as advised. I’ve logged a support ticket.

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    Did anyone ever respond to your ticket on this issue?

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