How do you record your voice?

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I recently got help from the Social Club here, on how to create music. The tips really helped me. I made this song, which got a lot of attention (in comparison to my other songs):

I used my voice at timpestamp 1:52 added cryspytuner and a flair effect, which improved the work a bit. My last song was a Birthday song, I was unable to use my voice there, because I didn't like the result.

What effects do you use on your voice? Compressor, crispytuner, Raum... sure. but I don't know how to get the best result out of it. I had trouble breath correctly. When I sing I become very loud. Does this even have an effect besides getting my neighbors angry? jk.

Then there is the vocoder. Can I somehow use my voice with Kontakt?

Can I create vocal chops with maschine with the sampling function?

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