Why very slow? Sometimes I lose the output in the headphones. I have to turn it off and on.

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I have a problem with the Maschine, it's getting very slow. when it loads a new project it can get stuck like this for several minutes. right now I'm waiting for it to unlock and it's already been 15 minutes.

Sometimes I also lose the sound in the output, everything seems to continue to work, mixer levels move, the pads light up in time but no sound comes out of the headphones.

Loading two projects, the CPU is already at 60%.

What can I do? Is it an SD card problem? Or is it a manufacturing problem? I hope someone can help me.

Thank you and good work


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  • D-One
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    Well... The current release is a bit buggy, are you on 1.4.4?

    Are you using the original SD card? If you are get a proper one and throw the original in the trash, seriously. Get a SanDisk 128GB SDXC Extreme Pro with a speed between 90 mb/s to 170 mb/s, they cost like 20$ for 128GB and are like 4x faster than the original.

  • D-One
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    You can't, all you can do is wait for an update that fixes the issue to be released. Follow that thread.

    Don't buy the 200 MB/s it won't work that fast on an M+, get the 170 at MAX but a bit lower is also much better than the original. I have a 90 MB/s and it's fine. I was joking about throwing away the OG one, keep it for backups or something.

    The SD is not gonna solve the slow shutdown issue tho.


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