Maschine not Loading Groups Correctly with M1 - Missing Massive on Pad 16

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So the Maschine groups are not loading correctly and all now missing the Massive preset that for many many groups lives on Pad 16. My guess is this is because it's trying to load the VST2 version of the plugin which has now been dropped.

What is going to happen here? :

1) Is it going to stay like this and the group loads without Massive from now on and we just annoyingly live with it?

2)Will NI release all Maschine groups again with VST3 versions replacing all the VST2 instances?

3)Will there be an auto-migration thing built in that converts whatever is on the VST2 into a VST3 instance?

I would love to know what's planned here as I use these kits all the time and one of my favorite things is having a bass or synth or something on Pad16. Will not be happy if Maschine just turns all 5000 of my groups into only drumkits.



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    Maschine (in all the presets of my expansions like lunar echoes) is not loading the massive vst3 if i use Maschine as a plugin in Ableton 11, Bitwig, fl studio 21, ...

    Only in the standalone version massive.vst is loaded, but this is set to rosetta mode.. but I don't want to use Maschine in rosetta mode

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