Komplete 14 and 'some' Older Audio Interfaces may not play nice with each other.

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I'm new to Native Instruments and Komplete. I got it installed yesterday, and was initially horrified to find that it was producing pops, clicks and errors in the audio, especially with really rich sounds like those in Choir - Omnia. This was happening even while just monitoring and trying out sounds. No recording.

At first I thought my processor was not keeping up, but then while monitoring system resources, I noted that it didn't seem to peg out very often or for very long. Usually a split second if it did.

Doing some reading here and in other places, I found that Audio Interface drivers can be an issue. My Steinberg UR 22 MK II has always been a little finicky with certain DAWS, but using the Komplete plugins and sounds, it was using like 30% processor on one plugin. I suspected this was pretty inefficient.

Stopped down at Guitar Center and picked up an SSL 2 Audio Interface on a good deal, and all my issues were immediately solved as soon as I hooked it up. Not only that, but the same plugins were consuming only half of the CPU cycles.

So, if you're getting digital errors in your audio, check to make sure your sound card is both compatible (by user community testimony) and that the drivers are up to date. I hope this helps someone else! I like snap, crackle, and pop in my Rice Crispies, not in my recordings! Rock on!



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