In Midi Mode, is there a way to change templates with program change or something else via cubase?!

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Hey Everybody, I created a bunch of templates in Controller Editor in order to control my Cubase via the new generic remote option. Now, I would like to know if it's possible to change templates of my Maschine MK2 directly via midi (not to press & hold shift button). Cannot find a way to do that... Is that possible? Thx



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    arrow left & right below the browse button cycles through the templates (when in midi mode)

    unsure if its possible to use a midi command of any sort to change templates... you would need to know the sysex to figure that one out!!(goodluck with finding that one out!!)

    alternatively if in Maschine mode... and wanting to switch between instances of maschine with the Mk2

    press Shift+step(instance)

    they are different uses.. but work well with MK2

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