*solved* Why does my Kontakt Player 7 work as standalone but not as VST?

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Hey there,

when I open Kontakt Player as standalone version all my sample libaries are showen correctly and work well. When I open them in my DAW as vst (no matter if vst2 or 3) the graphics as well as the samples are not loaded completely. I can not play any sound and the graphics just load the background screen of the libary. I already reinstalled Kontakt 6 and 7. I also tried to just install 6 or 7...same problem. When I install 7.0.11, the standalone is 7.0.11 but the vst just 6.7.1 even if 6 is not installed (displayed in Native Access 3.0.1). Even the sandalone of 6.7.1 works well. I use Windows 11 and Reaper as DAW. And I also updated Reaper to the latest version (6.70). In Native Access is showen that all installed products are up to date.


...I looked up for the problem in the reaper forum. The Problem was already there in 2015! The problem occures when an Audio Device (USB Interface) is selected that is not connected to the Computer. That could have been fixed many years ago!


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    As soon as you have a valid audio device, in other words the audio engine is running (of the host daw), the gui will appear. No need to reload.

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