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Low volume in headphones with the Kontrol S3

Hi there!! I just installed the S3 and everything works perfectly but the headphone preview volume seems very low. There may be some limiter in the preferences but I can't find it. Any ideas?



  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 81 Tri

    Hey Afternoon @Cubo

    That is an active thread of mine, there is a firmware update available. I have noticed the same issue on Friday evening, my headphones level I had to increase 3/4 up before I could hear music. As far I can tell, the audio profile for this particular unit is a problem, after the firmware had been released the audio levels were very adequate, but even since after the Traktor pro versions were released, the situation got worse. I also have a thread regarding the tempo jump on any song I now play, kindly look at that & tell me if you experience the same issue.

    As for this, if you have not updated the firmware of the unit yet please Do so. I'd love to hear your experience on this. Hope this helps you.




  • Cubo
    Cubo Member Posts: 2 Noise
    edited November 2022

    Unfortunately I have the latest firmware installed and the volume is still low in my opinion.

    Regarding the tempo changes so far I have not experienced anything strange.

    Thank you very much for your help @Quade

  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 81 Tri

    Hey @Cubo

    Thank you for your reply. Its a pleasure to have been able to try help.

    I don't know if NI team will be looking into this issue again. I have mentioned what should actually be done regarding the audio issue of the S3 unit. Try rolling back to the stable 3.5 version & test as that is the only version i recall worked much better for me. I only updated to the newer versions for audio tests. I still am confident in that the audio profile from releasing the new versions have not been carried over & there has been a huge decrease in the amount of volume when using the S3. Both Master Output & Headphone volume.

    I will keep an eye out IF EVER this issue will ever gets addressed / attention / attended to in the future.



  • Wyley
    Wyley Member Posts: 239 Saw

    Maybe try this

    On my s2mk2 it says monitor out on my os for the headphone output.

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