When will there be an iMaschine 2 update?

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its been way too long!

i need that app to get a professional makeover.



  • Tony Jones
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    The last I can find on the old forum is: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/a-message-from-the-team-regarding-imaschine-2.459923/#post-2149397

    Basically a bug fix and not much else. It's easy to imply iMaschine is not a priority compared to Apple M1 and everything else

  • Hebreww
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    thats super ugly on native instruments side. They need to start treating iMaschine 2 and the iOS platform serious before it’s to late!

    freaking stuck for 5 years without a decent update??!!

  • Paul Opp
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    Doubt it. I bought the app years ago then i ended up buying maschine studio. Thats the whole point i guess.

  • Nico_NI
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    No iMaschine update is planned anytime soon. As @Tony Jones said, this is obviously not among the top priorities at the moment, but let's hope we can tackle this when the M1/Silicon is sorted out 🤞

  • Hebreww
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    Why don’t involve iMaschine users with more information? There isn’t even a iOS iMaschine section here on this forum. How Serious is that update coming?

  • Nico_NI
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    The Maschine section of this community includes all the Maschine products. We'll share here information regarding updates whenever one becomes available.

  • Hebreww
    Hebreww Member Posts: 36 Member

    Strange decision. The old forum has a iMaschine section. Thanks good to be informed.

  • Shed Maa
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    Where can I get support of the iMaschine I lost my phone and was able to recover all but one expansion i keep on hit buy although it free. I it need because I have projects that says Kit missing

  • Hebreww
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    The expansion store is broken. We are waiting for a couple of years now for a update. I think you need to wait until they update this thing or live with music lost.

  • Vinncredible
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    Since the last Answer in regards to Imaschine 2, I find it a bit disturbing that the NATIVE team would abandon a portable feature that seamlessly connects the MASCHINE out to dry. I find it very useful, as I'm sure others can agree, being able to create @ a moments notice then export out later to expand the idea was a great merging tool. Since SOUL MAGIC - based on an IOS update, there have been no sample kits, yet NEW releases have frequent in the past months. There has been an extreme moment of silence. Can WE THE PEOPLE get a a final answer or at least at minimum some sort of News what can be expected updates in regards to Imaschine 2? The year 2022 is almost over...sheesh!! Lol

  • travelsound84
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    @Nico_NI any news?

    I really love the iMaschine 2 app but I have a few issues.

    1. I cannot download extension packs, it throws me an error every time I try.
    2. Keys (also on the drum machine) stop working after a while playing some melodies. It works for a few minutes but then they kinda stay pressed and don't respond anymore. The longer I keep playing the more keys get locked. Only reloading the project fixes it, but then after a few minutes, it happens again. It really slows down any creative process.

    I really hope you guys are not giving up on this app.. please let me know because if no bug fixes are planned, I'll be looking for other apps.


  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,125 admin

    No news since, the focus is still on M1 compatibility at the moment.

  • HasanBakr
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    I would love to see this app return. I have a number of the expansion packs, now I won’t be able to use them. I hope there’s an imachine3.

    By mistake I just erased the app from my iPhone. Plenty of hours now unaccessible, it was a first go to when buildings songs.

    This was the best app which was totally integratabtle to my machine3. I really hope it returns and is an update.

    please give us an official word.

    DBLDYNAMIC Member Posts: 6 Member
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    Why is iMaschine not available in my region. (U.S.) I have imaschine 2 on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 but when I try to buy it for the 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 it says not available in my region.

  • Kubrak
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    It was in another thread mentioned, NI does some kind of fix, so temporarily not available for new users, now.

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