Komplete Audio 1 Issues - Do I have a bad one? What are my options?

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Hey, I just bought a Komplete Audio 1 sound card to replace my slowly failing Traktor Audio 2. So far, the KA1 ride has been a little bumpy: Every time I've started up the computer I've had to disconnect and then reconnect the USB before the card would start outputting sound. It turns off (and sometimes, but not always, back on again) on its own from time to time, causing sound dropouts. Add to that that it's six times the size of the box it's supposed to replace, and has no way to send different audio to the headphones out than the main out, and the ASIO driver appears to be exclusive mode only, with the MME output only about a quarter as loud, I think I may have bought the wrong thing. So what can I do?

  • I'm trying the various USB ports on my computer right now to see if it's more stable on one than the others - still, it doesn't give me great confidence that the problems exist on ANY of the ports!
  • But: Assuming I send it back, do I just exchange it for a hopefully non-dud device of the same type or get something else? What other sound cards are there that would more closely reproduce the capabilities of the (sadly discontinued) Traktor Audio 2 (2 separate outs, size of a box of cigarettes)?
  • Can I perhaps repair the Traktor Audio 2, which is starting to crackle a bit sometimes and when adusting the volume produces EXTREMELY LOUD crackling that won't subside on its own unless I find a certain position of the knob? The crackling is a dealbreaker, since I have been using it to play gigs, but if it can be fixed, I'm willing to try that



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