prevent machine from warping samples

João Manuel Simões
João Manuel Simões Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hi there, this is a question i issued to support but hopefully can get some help here :)

Let's imagine that I have a project with n samples, florest sounds, landscapes, with different tempos and duration, and that the overall tempo of the project is 120 BPM. 1- Is there any way to prevent the Audio Plugin from altering or distorting the samples' pitch or tempo? Even with Formant or RePitch there are always small changes to the audio material - even with the paterns exactly the same as the sample size, there are always small changes - is there any way to define that each sample plays at its original speed without distortion? Or do we have to change the Sync parameter? 2- How is time measured at Maschine? For example I have a 50 second sample, forest sounds. When we are in Sampling it actually indicates 50 seconds and we can adjust the patern accordingly - but how does 50 seconds appear as lenght of 128 or something else? How to turn 50 seconds into Maschine's internal time? Because I think this could solve the warping that occurs even in small doses/amounts - thanks


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