How can I do auto-portamento à la TB-303?

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I'm building a replica of my Analogic TT-303 (a very accurate TB-303 clone) inside Reaktor, I've already built 5 or 6 custom synths from the ground up so I'm confident with most stuff but can't seem to crack the 'slide' portamento that the 303 does.

For people who don't know: the 303 slide is much different to regular portamento. For a start, it only occurs when a note is pressed whilst another is being held down. Secondly, it is not 'portamento' in it's traditional sense. The 303 does NOT retrigger the note it is sliding to. It's much more akin to a pitch bend that bends the current note up or down, depending on where the note being slid to is positioned chromatically in relation the the first note.

I've nailed the general tonality and filter cut/res interaction, its sounding scary close to the TT-303, but for the life of me I cannot think of a solution to the slide issue. I'm not adverse to using a sequencer although I have absolutely no idea how to imlement them in Reaktor, I've only built synths to be controlled via MIDI, which is what I'm aiming for here.

Any solutions? (Using Reaktor 5 btw, not 6) I've scoured the user library and no 303 emulation even comes close to sounding good enough to my ears and none of them have the correct slide implementation. Thanks!


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    Do you try the glide effect by Steam Pipe 2 from it's arpeggiator? It's R5.

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