Randomizing parameters not working correctly!

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Hello all,

for my little 4 layer sampler project, i had the idea to build in a randomize button to choose different settings like samplestart, wavefile, tuning and much more.

Of course, i randomize the filter. Everything is working except the filter for example.

I have different filter like lowpass, hipass, bandpass, bypass filter types and when i choose them through the selector modul, everything is working, but when i choose the filter type through the randomize button, it's not working. I don't know why because the output of the randomizer is from 0 to 6, i don't know why it's not choosing the correct filter type, what i'm doing wrong?

I used the seperator modul, a knob for the range and the randomize modul....



  • ANDREW221231
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    i would recommend uploading an ensemble.. not necessarily the whole project but constrained to the elements that are not working

    this sounds easy to diagnose, but not through words alone

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