S4 MK1 not compatible with Ventura and M1

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Hello, Native Instruments, my dear ex - friends, so you turned off all support for Traktor S4 ver. 1? And it is not even possible to connect this controller to a new apple computer with Ventura OS and M1 chip and will be not anymore at all?? Well, qre you kidding me? Are you guys incompetent or are you doing this on purpose to completely frustrate us, your customers? What am I supposed to do with this controller Traktor S4 now for more than thousand euro with the case for two hundred euro more? Throw it away and buy a new one? Because it's ten years old? No way, folks! Now you've ruined my relationship with your company, and not only that, you're ruining the planet by needlessly and purposefully devaluing your old products so that you have to buy a new one! I have never been as angry with any company as I am with you, you are thieves, you have robbed me and I will tell this story to everyone everywhere, I swear. hHow you treat your customers when you force them to throw away a perfectly functional item worth more than a thousand euros just because you arbitrarily disable the connection of your old products that work perfectly fine to new computers. SHUT UP, you thieves, this is disgusting behaviour! I will never come back to you again. Goodbye. 



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    I could add a lot more to this post. Maybe in an open letter one day.

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    Well, what about to write to Apple, or better to sue them that they do not maintain backward compatibility and make lots of SW and HW obsolete. Including their own HW.... Not speaking about the third party HW/SW....

    Would be better choise than to be angry at NI.

    Or you may switch to Windows. It would save you some troubles. And might bring you another ones. But generally, backward compatibility is maintained much better on Windows, than on Apple.

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    You say yourself that it's TEN YEARS old - well NI are not alone in ending support for old products. Many companies do this, and have done so for decades.

    It was YOUR choice to buy a brand new computer. If the S4 previously worked fine on an older computer, you could have continued using it. Nobody's "forcing" you to throw away the S4.

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    Did xone not update the firmware on their old K2 controller to work with newest mac?

    I wonder what it would take for NI to update the S4.

    Quite *****, but the worst company? What about Grünenthal? Contergan remix baby!

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