My new Komplete Audio 2 interface emits a high-pitched whine

fivepindin Member Posts: 8 Member
edited November 2022 in Other Software & Hardware

When I upgraded to Catalina, I had to replace my trusty Avid MBox 3 as their drivers don't seem to support 64-bit. So, I thought I might as well go "all in" on Komplete, and bought the Komplete Audio 2 interface.

Much to my dismay, there is an audible whine (pitched at a high "B") whenever ANY sound is produced. System error sounds, even just navigating to YouTube, or launching an app like Maschine 2. It's always there. Sometimes it dies away but re-appears whenever a sound is played.

Has anyone else ever seen (or heard) this phenomenon before?

As I mentioned briefly, I'm on macos Catalina (10.15.5)

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