iConnectivity MioXL & Maschine+

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Continuing a thread from before the forum move.

I've currently got my MioXL connected via the DAW USB-B port to the USB-A port on my Maschine+. While this does allow me to see the MioXL ports on the M+, the M+ restarts periodically. I know this was an issue in the past, and thought it had been rectified. Does anyone have a similar setup and were you able to find a solution?



  • darkwaves
    darkwaves Member Posts: 365 Guru

    I kind of think you and I are the only two with Mio midi interfaces. I went back to find my old thread; and now realize that's probably what you're continuing.

    Is yours still just blanking out at random and then rebooting itself?

  • Rick Balentine
    Rick Balentine Member Posts: 2 Member

    Why is your response not available? I am also trying to do the same connection

  • Syclick
    Syclick Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I still have the same issue. The Maschine+ will initially show all the midi ports from the MioXL. All is working fine, then... BAM, screen goes blank. I have not been able to get past this.

    My current setup has a USB cable going from one of the USB-A of the Maschine+ to the USB-B "USB DAW" port of the MioXL.

    Anyone able to get this working and stable?

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