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Download: Available immediately is Misleading and a Lie and Needs to be Fixed.

luccisa Member Posts: 2 Noise

I am not a happy customer. I placed my order more than 22 hours ago and fully expected to wake up this morning and get to work. But, I still don't have the items I paid for. You sent me an invoice email that stated I should already have a link to the downloads, but I do not. The fact that my order is under review for some kind of fraud is insulting, ridiculous and misleading. It's insulting because, making me wait for some person to review a digital order is basically telling me you think I may be a criminal and you have to verify that I am not before I receive the products I paid for. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!! I was a customer, not sure if I will be in the future. It's ridiculous because you control the license from the cloud, making fraud very unlikely and difficult. So, you are insulting your customers for no good reason. It's misleading because your website says "Download: Available immediately" when ordering. This is a lie. It should say, "Download Available after review," and you should make it clear that a live person needs to approve the order and what hours/days people actually do the reviews.

I opened a support ticket, but no response at all yet. Do you not provide support on the weekends? Am I your only customer that works weekends? This is awful service and looking through the discussions I see that I am not the only customer that has had to suffer the long wait for a DIGITAL product. Someone needs to review and approve my order NOW!


  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,865 admin

    Hi! I see that you were able to download your purchased items now. Most of the orders placed on our website are available right away but in some cases they might be available in a couple of business days after the purchase. This is due to security measures. Also we operate Monday-Friday at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • luccisa
    luccisa Member Posts: 2 Noise

    This is not a satisfactory response. The ordering process does not say, "Most orders available right away unless there is a security measure in place." It says, "Download: Available Immediately." Beyond that, in my case, no further information was given as to why my order was not available or why my order for Digital items under $500 was flagged for some security check. I even received an email invoice that falsely stated that my order was ready when it was not. I was just left Googling the issue till I found that a lot of other people had complained about this process dating back before 2017 on both NI Community posts and in various other online communities. The fact that no support is offered on the weekend is also very disappointing. Most entertainment shows happen on the weekends, that's when support is most needed as in my case. (btw, My order took almost 2 days to complete which is far too long for a digital download.) NI should at least have a person on call over the weekend like every other company that offers support. I still have no explanation as to why my order had to go through a security check and I find that somewhat insulting, like I've been treated like a criminal for no reason at all and everyone at NI is just okay with that, I am not. Are all orders checked for security or just this one? If they are all checked and need to be approved, then you are misleading your customers by lying about orders being available immediately. If not, then someone needs to explain why my order was flagged so I can avoid that in the future should I place another order (which at this point is highly unlikely). Anything less is deceitful and very poor support and customer service and if I were you, I would escelate this issue to someone in authority like a manager who can begin the process to fix this issue once and for all and stop NI from engaging this deceitful and unnecessary practice.

  • selekta ian
    selekta ian Member Posts: 3 Noise

    I'm going through the same thing. I've purchased an Expansion with a voucher from NI the night before, I was able to download the order within a few minutes & the following night, I ordered the additional Expansion with another voucher that NI sent me, it's been almost 24 hours & I have still not received my order for a Digital Download. NI has charged my CC & My order is still under review. I have emailed NI & No response. This is the only website, I have this issue with. All other site's I can download my software right away after purchasing. NI needs to fix this issue ASAP. I will no longer purchase anything from the NI Store. It's misleading & takes way too long to receive a confirmation to download your purchase. But, It worked perfect with first order, the night before.




  • myalteredsoul
    myalteredsoul Member Posts: 90 Tri

    I’m thinking they are having some back end issues cause I can’t access any of my previous purchases right now. I’m about 3 days behind on work right now

  • selekta ian
    selekta ian Member Posts: 3 Noise

    Man, Sorry to hear that.

    But, This is for a product download, not a shipped product. Customer Support needs to be overhauled.

    They need to fix this problem, ASAP.

    It's not only the online store, But also with Traktor Pro 3 & not giving us DJ's more options to use other controllers, besides NI.

    It's a great company as far as their products, But company support & giving the customer what they ask for is a very slow process. It's forced me to get Serato DJ Pro to be able to use the controllers, I really like, But Serato does not come close to Traktor & their products.

    NI is losing a lot of money by ignoring it's customers & It's been that way for years.... #STAYBLESSED

  • Steve13
    Steve13 Member Posts: 1 Noise

    I agree that the manual approval is a major downside to these products and services.

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