Maschine+ $300 price drop less than a week after I purchased it

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I had money set aside to get Maschine+, but I was waiting for Cyber Season just in case it went on sale. When they first announced, Maschine MK3 and Maschine+ were NOT included. So I pulled the trigger and made the purchase here on NI. About 5 days later (before my Maschine+ had even arrived) they added them at that discount. Now I'm sitting here waiting on email responses because I'd LOVE to get that discount too! And I don't want to send it back, get refunded, and repurchase it. I'M REALLY REALLY HOPING THAT THEY TAKE CARE OF ME because after looking at it for 3 days, I may go on and fire it up today.


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    I would send it back, get your $300, UK stockists have been blowing them out for months on ebay, last month one place had them for £599, I nearly bought a second one myself, but they were gone by the time I pulled the trigger.

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    Support should get you sorted but if they don't note that retailers at least in Europe (like Thomann for example) already sell the M+ for about 250Eur less than what it costs on the NI website, not sure about the US and other places tho. The most annoying thing is people sometimes get units that were previously registered thru retailers and then have to get it sorted with tech sup.

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    Well I'm glad that I held onto it, because I DIDN'T want to return it because it was already here! I heard back from NI today, and they are refunding me the difference!!! 💪

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