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I've just purchased a new Maschine+, set it up to my account, but I can't see the majority of my expansions in the library for some reason?

I've downloaded a couple of the expansions that I can see, however, with one of the expansions, I can play but I can't load the kits. So not sure what's happening there?

Expansions take forever to download too. Could the server be under load?

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  • Jiglo
    Jiglo Member Posts: 154 Advisor

    I'd like to add a couple of other kits that I don't own too. Can these be found from the Maschine+ to purchase, or do I do it though the website?

    This is for once I can actually see the kits I own though, owning Komplete 13, but just anticipating that someone knows how to get these expansions visible and able to load properly.

  • ozon
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    Expansions are purchased through the web store.

    What version of Maschine, Software and Firmware is your M+ on? Maybe you have to update for it to work properly with the current Native Access Server.

    PS: Don’t try to load all Expansions or other additional content at once. I’d suggest to not start more than five installations together, otherwise the parallel processes could lock each other and it will take forever to finish.

  • Flexi
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    When you purchase NI expansions, from anywhere (You can buy NI expansions in various places) you then add them to your account on the website, if they are available to the M+, it should show them, are you sure they are M+ expansions? Kontakt expansions etc wont work for instance.

  • D-One
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    Go check your account on the website and under "My Products" see if all your Expansions (and/or bundles) are there:

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